Verify Chinese company online or on-site !

Business license verification + In-Depth research

If you found your supplier on google, then these services is a must for you. From our many years experience we learned that Chinese manufacturers rarely can be found on Google in English. About 2 out of 10 are manufacturers, 3 out of 10 trade companies and the rest 50% mostly scammers.

Importing from China does not have to be risky anymore, we can do in-depth background checkup for any Chinese company. We use most innovative methods to get you accurate data about your possible supplier and it will be done in 1 business day, if we fail to deliver in time, we will do it for free!

If you do not want to send your hard earned money to some unknown people in China, then you just found a perfect place.

These services are best before ordering samples or placing an order. If you would like to buy in "bulk" please contact our customer support for better pricing.

Business license verification + In-Depth Research
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Sourcing from China

1.On-Site investigations :

  • Factory audit
  • Quality inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • During production inspection 
  • Container loading supervision

2.Find you Chinese supplier, which meets your requirements.

3.Find you freight forwarder (amazon fba shipment)

4.We can solve most of your problems related to sourcing from China


Sourcing from China
From €100

Why choose us?

1) Our 1# priority is our client, that’s why we offer you lower priced Chinese company verification services than our competitors.

2) We know how important is time to our clients, that’s why we react lighting fast and complete reports faster when our competitors. If we fail to deliver your report in time, we will do it for free!

3) Most of our competitors, offer their services only in China(mainland) or they ask additional fees for other regions, but we provide our services in all 3 regions (mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) without any additional payments.

4) We are using most innovative methods to get you required information and we have professional specialists with many years experience in quality inspection.