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Spy My Supplier ’s General Terms of Service

Welcome to Spy My Supplier . The following Terms of Service are to apply to any User using and/or visiting our Website. Your continuous visitation and use of our Website indicates your conclusive acceptance of the Terms set out Bellow.
Spy My Supplier (the “Service”, “We” or “Website”) is, by all objective standards, a legitimate and legally-bound private entity, incorporated under China’s respective Company Registry.
The Service reserves the right to renew these Terms of Service, and it is thus recommended that you check this Webpage frequently in order to be informed about the mutual rights and obligations.

0. Interpretation Clauses
All parties have agreed that there is no weaker party in formation of this Contract, as both parties have equal bargaining power prior into entering to contract. If you do not find these terms reasonable, please stop using this Service.
All parties further warrant that they are of sufficient legal capacity to enter into a valid contract with the Service.

0.1. References
References in these Terms to “You”, “Your” or “User” mean the person or entity utilizing this Service. References to “Subject” mean the person or entity which is the theme of the products created by the Service. References to “Report” mean the Product created by the Service upon inquiry by Users. Please note that the Product Section may contain more elements in the future.

1. Privacy
1.1. Scope of Usage of Personal information
Any forms you are to fill will notify you of the range of publication of specific personal information details. Keep in mind that sensitive information cannot be published on the Internet. You hereby agree to cross-borders transfers of your information. Any personal information necessary for the registration and/or your identification while entering into contract (acquiring) a specific service provided by The Service through this Website will be used only for the purposes of registration, identification and/or enabling other communication functionality. You are not obliged to give personally identifiable information in order to access and browse our Website. Searching, buying, bidding, might require personal information in order to be completed or successfully submitted. You may expect personally identifiable information (without limitation to: name, address, e-mail, telephone number, gender, age) or financial information (without limitation to payment protocol identification such as credit card credentials or bank account numbers) to be requested in specific areas of our Website. Please note that this information is to be used only for the purposes of successfully submitting one of the aforementioned inputs on our Website. Please note that some functionalities may be limited without providing the obligatory information as prescribed in each individual questionnaire.

1.2. Gathering and Processing of Personal Information
Personal information collected by the Service is primarily used to customize Your User Experience. This may include personalized Services, communications and other Services, which are provided by the Service. Personal information may also be utilized to deliver You personalized advertisements. Advertising is realized in the form of banner ads or promotional e-mails. Promotional e-mails and other forms of marketing communications may be manually set according to Your preferences. Without allowing for access to some of your personal information, some of the functionality of the service may be limited.  Personally identifiable information and financial information is not collected, stored or aggregated. Anonymized and non-personally identifiable information may be aggregated for the purposes of, without limitation, behavioral tracking and analytics, as well as placement of advertisements information.

1.3. Reserved rights in case of Violation(s)
Please note that personally identifiable information may be utilized for initiating such proceedings. You hereby expressly accept the usage of personal information in case of pending or future litigation against you, initiated by formal request of state authorities, aggrieved third-parties or the Service. With high respect of Users’ privacy, the Service will disclose the minimum amount of information as required by applicable law.

1.4. Security of Information
We utilize high security standards in order to protect your information on our Service. No method untill today is a hundred percent safe, but we continuously work to maintain well-secured platform for our Users. We, as a Service, bound by ethics and ethiquette, oblige ourselves to notify you via e-mail in case our Service has suffered a data breach as soon as we find out about the Breach. You are entitled to seek redress from us in the case we do not inform you of a security breach which was within our scope of knowledge.

2. Orders and Payment
2.1. Payment protocols
The Service uses third-party payment protocols with end-to-end encryption in order to safely transfer your funds. In order to purchase a Product, certain personal information is required. You should expect to provide contact information (without limitation to: name, e-mail, address) and financial information (without limitation to: billing credentials). This information will be utilized in no other way than billing purposes, contact purposes or authorization, regarding submitted Orders. Note that Third-party payment protocols do not retain, share, store or use personal information for any other purposes than billing. Payment protocols will be displayed prior to checkout on our Website.

2.2. Terms of Payment
Payment must be made prior to delivery of the Products listed on our Service. Payments are to be made via the payment protocols displayed prior to checkout on our Website.
The Service is not to be held liable for any breakdown, temporary unavailability or other vis major of the respective Payment protocol.
The Service further reserves full discretional rights in regards to Terms of Payment, and may offer, in its sole discretion, different terms of payment than the ones regulated by these Terms of Service or the Displayed Terms upon checkout on our Website.

2.3. Refund Policy
Due to the nature of the services provided by Us, the Products (as listed in Section 3) are not subject to any refunds whatsoever. You hereby understand the nature of the non-tangible goods offered, and agree to this Subsection fully.
The Service reserves full discretional rights in case of failure to deliver a Product of the sufficient quality (without limitation to: lack of sources or identification of the Subject in the Product). The Service may, in cases of failure to deliver the Product in the prescribed quality as per the offers displayed upon checkout from our Website, issue full or partial refunds via the offered payment protocols (as described in Subsection 2.1.).
The Service may accept modifications or revisions of the Subjects listed in the Product, only prior to creating the Report.

3. The Products
3.1. Reports
3.1.1. Report delivery time
A fast delivery time is our key priority, as per the specification on our products/services. The Service will not begin on working on your order before an application has been submitted and payment has been fully received. “Delivery Time” is defined as a time period in which the Service is to deliver you the Report. Please note that if Delivery is to be due to Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday in Mainland China, the Delivery date is to be postponed to the nearest following working day.
Delivery times and deadlines may be subject to external factors (without limitation to: identifying the Supplier’s name in Chinese, (un)availability of online resources helping us create the Report etc.)
The Service keeps a good Delivery time as a top priority, but cannot guarantee that delivery will not be delayed due to the aforementioned external factors. If any delays are to occur, you are to be promptly notified via e-mail about postponing the delivery time, as well as the circumstances to which the delay has occurred.

3.1.2. Limitation of Warranty
The Report is created out of publicly available information, obtained for the purposes of the Report by third-party trusted sources. Information is gathered and processed in a manner aiming for the most accurate depiction in the report. The Service cannot guarantee the absolute validity or accuracy of the information provided in the Report.
Unless expressly stated by the Service, no audits or investigations of the financial status of the products and/or services provided by the Subject has been made on our behalf. The Report is not to be understood as an endorsement or support towards any Subject whatsoever.
Upon receiving the Report, You are to act with due diligence, sound mind and general precaution before taking any actions. You hereby warrant that all subsequent actions is done at your sole discretion and your own personal decision.
No Responsibility or Liability is to be taken by the Service in connection with any usage of the Report. We further take no Responsibility or Liability to any person to which the Report will be given, shown or will be at his/hers disposal.

3.1.3. Report Usage guidelines
The Service is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights tied to the Report as the final product of our work. The Report’s material and intellectual property rights are to, without limitation, apply to the content, design, appearance, graphics, wording, pictures, diagrams etc.
The Service hereby grants you a license for usage of the material in the Report for personal and reference uses only. The Report or its specific elements as stated without limitation above, are not to be reused, re-worked, publicly displayed, copied and reproduced, sold and sublet. If the Report is to be used for business reference purposes, You are to share it with staff or associates or workers to whom you have organizational and discretional rights. Further sharing of the report is to be subject to express written consent by the Service, which may be obtained by submitting a formal request via e-mail to the Service. The Service does not guarantee that such consent will be given.

3.1.3. Report Language
The Report language is set to be in English only.
The Service reserves the right to create content and promote its products in languages different than English. Any disputes will be interpreted by the English language versions of our product/service’s specifications.