Scams on alibaba

Scams on alibaba

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many suppliers do you verify ?

One supplier per purchase.

2.What are your office hours?

To satisfy our customers we work 24 hour every business day.

3.How long it takes you process a refund?

Refunds usually are processed within 1-5 days after request.

4.What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with your PayPal balance or  credit card.

5.Can you verify supplier’s business license in Taiwan, Hong Kong or China (mainland) regions ?

Yes, we can! Every time you place an order, we search China(mainland), Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, to make sure your company is legally registered entity. Not like our competitors.

6.How does this platform work?

When you place an order, your inquiry goes anonymously to our research specialist’s desk. We don’t ask for your personal information, so you can stay as much anonymous as possible. After our team completes the research report, it’s send to our customer support, there it’s translated into English and forwarded to your email.

7.What are your upcoming plans?

Our team is working on new project at the moment. We’re going to remove a basic research pack and make our database available to everyone. We’re also looking for ways to expand into other Asian regions. 

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