Company information report in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

  Company information report is essential before you start your business. China mainland market is one of the bigest markets in the world which comes with the most scammers as well. There are a lot of fraud companies, who are just trying to scam foreign buyers, re-sell the items or have fake offices which in reality don't exist. Offcourse not all of them are trying to scam you, but  it is better to be safe than sorry. Best way to solve these problems is to come to China and check out everything yourself. Second best thing is ask us for help. In this service we:

1. Make sure that company is legally registered 

2. Get full business registration details

3. Check if the company is legal

4. Notify if anything strange is happening with this company

5. Fast service, online report in 24 hours

6. PDF file straight to your e-mail adress.


Our online report services include:


*Official company name                    *Company type               

*Registration status                          *Date of establishment

*Bussines operation status               *License expiry date

*Registration number                       *Legal representative

*Registered adress                          *Registration Bureau

*Registered capital                          *Paid up capital

*Business scope                              *Annual return

*Director names                               *Director titles

*Shareholder names                        *Shareholder holdings

*Dates of latest investments            *Translation to En from CN


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** Please not that not all registration details may be available. (Unlikely).