Hundreads of customers trust us everyday

   In 2014 three friends started their business studies in The Univesity of Hong Kong. They were constantly getting requests to check and inspect businesses in China and Hong Kong from their friends, partners and other people who knew that they could help them. Little by little they got better and better at doing these services and this led to project Spy My Supplier being created in 2014. Our company grew from a small team of 3 to a semi big team of 15 working 24/7 in 3 different offices located in Hong Kong, Beijin and Taipei.  We specialize in official and in-site company research and check up. We help our customers to find out all the legal information about companies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We check if they are legit , do in-site inspections, product quality controls, help customers load shipping containers. Our reports are always filled with the top quality information, pictures and inside information which a normal person will never get. Since the beginning  Spy My Supplier has dealt with thousands of happy customers who are always willing to return. We are your eyes and hands in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Don’t hesitate to ask us, because our team is always willing to help.


   Sincerely, CEO of SpyMySupplier

  Matt Joshua